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Extra Packages for Fedora Core 3

You can install the packages using yum or up2date.
Repository base URL: http://www.btree.org/linux/packages/fedora/3/i386/

The packages may be signed with the PGP-KEY. (Key ID: C228AA48)
The PGP fingerprint: 2A9B 3CF9 2DA4 CDC9 1D3F 8A67 78E1 9289 C228 AA48

All the packages above have been built and tested on Fedora Core 3 for x86.
(kernel 2.6.11, glibc 2.3.5, gcc 3.4.3, rpm 4.3.2 and some i18n stuff)

If you want to know how to build RPM packages, please refer to RPM-HOWTO.
Also available in a Japanese version and a Chinese (Big5 Encoded) version.

Special thanks to Fedora Project.

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