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Extra Packages for Fedora 10

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You can install the packages using yum or up2date.
Repository base URL: http://www.btree.org/linux/packages/fedora/10/i386/

The packages may be signed with the PGP-KEY. (Key ID: C228AA48)
The PGP fingerprint: 2A9B 3CF9 2DA4 CDC9 1D3F 8A67 78E1 9289 C228 AA48

All the packages above have been built and tested on Fedora 10 for x86.
(kernel, glibc 2.9, gcc 4.3.2, rpm 4.6.0)

If you want to know how to build RPM packages, please refer to RPM-HOWTO.
Also available in a Japanese version and a Chinese (Big5 Encoded) version.

Special thanks to Fedora Project.

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