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dnsupdate - An automatic IP address updater for dynamic DNS


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About Dnsupdate

Dnsupdate is an IP address update program written in Perl for dynamic DNS updates as defined in RFC2136. This program submits dynamic IP address update requests to a name server automatically.

Dnsupdate gets a current IP address with a simple cgi program (included in this package) which is put on an external HTTP server, and it will send update requests to a name server only if the IP address at the time of the last update is no longer valid.

Dnsupdate can be executed as a daemon which repeatedly updates IP addresses for a domain at a specified interval in the background.

Dnsupdate can add or delete an address record for a domain manually. And it can also add or delete an alias for a domain manually.

Dnsupdate is released under the GNU General Public License.


Dnsupdate is written in Perl and uses Net::DNS module.
More specifically, the requirements for this program are:
  • Un?x operating system. (e.g. *BSD, Linux, etc.)

  • Perl >= 5.004 and Net::DNS module.

  • A name server (BIND 8 or later) which allows to update with signed key on the server side.

  • A HTTP server for the cgi program used to get a current IP Address by dnsupdate outside the host on which dnsupdate runs.

Installation and Usage

Please see the file README which is included in the dnsupdate package.


Please send any questions, suggestions or bug reports to me.

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